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Fruit Me Up! creates delicious, nutritious snacks that are convenient to take and enjoy anywhere. They make better-for-you products for all the kids and teens in your home. Simpler flavors and recipes for younger kids. And more sophisticated varieties for the older, more active kids in your family. They're all gluten-free. And some even have a nutrient BOOST like protein, fiber or vitamins.

Challenge: Design and develop an expanded product website in a order to meet their conference attendance.

  • Design and build a B2C product site that informs and inspires its potential customers

  • Optimize the site for mobile and tablet users as their primary users are on the move constantly

  • Create the site in a client-friendly CMS, while maintaining a tight production schedule

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Time to live was a critical component of this project, as the client was to appear in an industry event.  They had just released a new product line extension and the prior site had little flexibility to grow.  Moreover, the branding was skewed towards one product line and needed to be homogenized across all of the products.  


The site designed needed to modernize and appeal to the primary purchase demographic, mothers, 25-45.  We used plenty of whitespace and took advantage of the products bold use of colors and imagery to strike a balance between bold and clean.  SVG graphics were used heavily on the site to ensure the design looks great on all modern high resolution displays.


In order to speed the development process we used Wordpress as the CMS core. We extended Wordpress's core functionality with custom plugins to facilitate the nutritional facts and product display pages.  Since the client's marketing team has prior Wordpress experience it enabled them to start making updates immediately after launch.

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