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About Frogdog

We founded Frogdog in April of 2016 because we believed there could be a better type of agency. A business comprised on valuing the personal and business relationships we create, and providing honest and invaluable support to our clients.

Mr. Robot is cool, but Will is more like Dr. Robot

Adam Blak

He is also able to distill seemingly nebulous client requests into a beautiful arrangement of 1s and 0s. He is excited about creative digital solutions and that excitement is so infectious the CDC has been monitoring him for years.


Best dog friend forever:

Kuma, a salty French Bulldog

A.D.A.M (Analog-Digital-Analog-Modem) is able to translate complex digital concepts into real world language.

Will Tate

A full stack developer that cut his teeth writing software for interstellar spaceships!! His Stackoverflow rank is “Knower Of All The Things.” He takes un-makeable creative deliverables and breathes life into them in under two expletives - find another developer that does it under 20, impossible.


Best dog friend forever:

Laszlo, a rocket powered Boston Terrier



Being honest is the key to all relationships. It helps us be true to ourselves, our work, and our success. It might catch you off guard at first, but we think once you experience it, you’ll keep coming back. We earn trust through actions.


We surround ourselves with people that have passion for what they do. A lack of passion is like poison to a team, an abundance of it acts like jet fuel. We love creating digital solutions that delight our client’s customers. It gives us a great sense of Mudita .


As we made our way through the tech industry, we saw an immense bell curve of talent. We kept the names of the people that we not only respected for their skill, but enjoyed being around. These are the people that work on your projects.

Frogdog continually provided expertise and recommendations to consider before making a final decision. More importantly, they took the time to explain why things were happening and what we could do to positively impact our digital environment. Lastly, they have been available for follow up questions post-project, which has been invaluable. Frogdog has provided above and beyond service to our company and we hope to work again with them in the future.

Christian Barbato, PRO Unlimited Inc.

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