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About Beachglow

BeachGlow uses the power of contemporary music to raise awareness among young adults about societal issues and causes. BeachGlow is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that create and produce cutting-edge music festivals and other events that showcase and support worthwhile charities, especially those that benefit today's youth.

Challenge: Provide a valuable non-profit with an easy to use digital presence for continuing outreach.

  • Position a family owned non-profit as a major contender in both EDM and the Charity space.

  • They needed to not only appeal to the younger crowd but to showcase the charity work that is at the heart of the organization.

  • The site needed to be industrial strength in order to leverage lots of video and 3rd party integrations.

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The passion and excitement of the Beachglow team is infectious.  They have big plans for their charity events, and needed a digital presence that matched the excitement of their EDM events.  The site needed to be mobile first due to the younger demographic of the audience, and since their charity venues revolve around EDM concerts, it needed to feature lots of video.  


Bringing the Beachglow site to life meant we needed to use an industrial strength CMS, so we chose to build it using Drupal.  It's an open source solution, thus saving the organization money on licensing fees, that would be able to handle the 3rd party plug ins and video requirements of the project.

We created a vibrant and technically sophisticated site that excels at a variety of shifting priorities for the Beachglow team. As the site needs to change modes many times a year, it was crafted to switch from heavy upcoming promotional content to a post event wrap up.

Paypal integration, heavy media display, ticket purchase integrations, and a long list of 3rd party site integrations went into making this site a success.

Technologies used

We're always working with All Ears to evolve our online experience, and they help ensure we keep pace with technology changes and market changes. We look forward to working collaboratively with All Ears to continue elevating our brand to the next level.

— Brittany Kunkel, VP - Creative & Marketing, BeachGlow

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