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Digital Strategy Services

We work with you to build a comprehensive strategy, and then continue to provide feedback and support to ensure your goals are achieved.

All Ears takes a user-centric approach to Digital Strategy, using analytics to map your unique goals across business priorities.

Most companies see digital strategy through a marketing lens only, but its reach and influence are actually much broader and way more complex. All Ears works with you to understand where you are in your digital maturity to gain a much deeper comprehension of the processes and infrastructures you need to build out and execute an effective digital strategy.

The most important part of building a complete digital strategy is knowing where to begin — and that starts with a comprehensive Digital Strategy Assessment.  

Digital Strategy Assessment

We will determine where your company stands in the competitive landscape and how your digital footprint can be improved. Our digital strategists and digital analysts will contextualize digital trends, identify and analyze your digital audience, and systematically compare your digital capabilities against industry best practices and competitors.

Trends Report

As part of our assessment, we will provide a Trends Report that lays out, and fully explains, your current state of digital maturity, the quantifiable trends affecting your business, and the opportunities that exist in front of you. We'll provide demonstrative examples to make this information as clear as possible. To recap, we will:

  • Identify digital trends impacting your industry
  • Quantify the trends and opportunities they provide
  • Illustrate the state and context of your company's digital maturity

Analytics Assessment

We will conduct a deep discovery session on the state of your current analytics setup and reports, and identify actionable insights, configuration opportunities, and unique reporting intelligence. Our assessment will provide you with a detailed overview of your audience and its relationship with your digital media properties. To recap, we will:

  • Investigate and identify analytics configuration opportunities
  • Quantify and report existing analytic data 
  • Identify and define user segments and behavior 

Capabilities Benchmarks

After we identify your strengths and weaknesses in all digital areas, we will assist in quantitatively scoring your company's adoption of digital best practices. We will compare your digital capabilities to those of your competitors and determine how you rank within your industrial set. To recap, we will:

  • Provide a detailed review of digital capabilities and technical infrastructure 
  • Calculate a quantitative score of your company's best practices
  • Conduct a competitor- and industry-based comparison of your digital capabilities

Strategic Opportunities

We will customize your digital initiatives to make the most of the strategic opportunities technology can afford your company. The initiatives will align with your business objectives and communicate exactly how each will strengthen and empower your overall corporate strategy. To recap, we will:

  • Define digital strategies and initiatives
  • Align to business objectives and goals
  • Shape and execute communication

Digital User Profiles and Personas

We will make use of your raw data to identify crucial user segments affecting your bottom line and use this information to build user profiles that will highlight each persona's key areas and concerns to ensure maximum results. To recap, we will:

  • Review and/or create user segments
  • Layer a digital lens over defined user segments
  • Identify the alignment of your user personas with business objectives

Experience Maps

We will create a visualize representation of your company's user touch-points and illustrate the experience opportunities and challenges that your target users encounter. We can then build use cases and strategic channels to seize on these opportunities and overcome any challenges. To recap, we will:

  • Identify and define key user touch-points
  • Identify and define key use cases and strategic channels
  • Map the user journey and experience

Experience Prototypes

Our visual and "touchable" prototypes will bring your digital strategy to life and clearly demonstrate an experience that aligns with your stakeholders' and customers' needs for a full investment and digital transition. To recap, we will:

  • Identify and define key features
  • Create a preliminary design style
  • Create clickable, functioning prototypes

Digital Roadmap

We will provide detailed timelines for the rollout of new capabilities to outline clear priorities, factoring in complexity, costs, and the return on investment needed to implement them. To recap, we will:

  • Estimate costs across the timeline 
  • Quantify value of each recommendation
  • Prioritize actions based on budget or ROI

We take pride in the work we create.

At All Ears we help you formulate and execute your digital marketing goals with a focus on modern mobilization technologies and techniques.

From simple responsive emails & landing pages to large Drupal sites or even full marketing automation executions using Hubspot, we can help you find a solution to reach and delight your customers.

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